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*     Go West Young Man, Go West

       How Charles Howard went from bicycle repairman to automobile magnate.


*     The Secret of Life Revealed

       The secret of life is closer than you can imagine


*     Do You Have Terminal Brain Cloud

       It's in your power to control fear and start getting back the control in your life


*     Living a Life of Constant Total Amazement

       How you can wake up out of psychic slumber and live life to it's fullest every moment



*     I Hate Spam

       Why you are getting so many spam emails and what you can do to help prevent them



*     How Not To Advertise On The Internet

       All the ways that Don't work advertising your online business



*     How To Advertise Cheaply & Effectively On The Internet

       Here is a sure fire way you can drive traffic to your site, cheaply and effectively 



*     Grasshoppers or Giants?

       Which do you choose to be?



*     Take Me Out To The Ball Game

       The process of getting from vision to success.



*     Living A Life of Freedom

       How to live a life of freedom.



*     Dexter Yager, Amway's Network Marketing Genius

       How one man achieved his dreams of a better future.



*     If I Only Had A Brain

       Are you like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz?



*     Success Doesn't Always Come Easy

       Success has it's price, are you willing to pay it?



*     Trapped On An Island of Fear     (The Castaway)

       Overcome your fears and you will be free.



*     Get Serious Cuz....It's Your Life

       Is it time for you to get serious and make serious money?



*     I Want To Be Somebody New

       You already are a interesting twist on the subject.



*     Do You Have Big Dreams?

       One man's desire helped him attain national fame.



*     How I Couldn't Sell Noah A Lifeboat, If The Ark Was Full of Holes

       You don't have to be a super salesman to make sales happen.



*     Let's Play Tractors

       Lessons on living from a 4 year old.



*     Marketing Is Like The Game of Baseball

       75% of marketing is psychological.



*     You Can Write The Ticket to Your Own Success

       Only you can determine your future, here's how.



*     How Do You Find Your Calling in Life?

       How you can determine what you're put here for.



*     What Is Your Calling in Life?

       What is your purpose in life?



*     Touched By An Angel

       Get a box of tissues, cause you'll cry while reading this one.



*     What Does Adversity Do For You?

       Look for the benefits despite the obstacles.



*     How To Effectively Cold Call Leads

       Cold calling is easy, once you have the right paradigm.



*     Why Isn't It Happening For Me?

       Reasons why you're not making money with your business.



*     How You Can Dramatically Increase Your Closing Ratio

       You can make more sales...if you know how.



*     Charlie Chan Does Online Marketing

       If Charlie was on online marketer, here's what he would do.....



*     Would A Telemarketer Please Call Me

       Why you should never hang up on a telemarketer.



*     Mutual Funds 101

       Layman's discussion on how to pick the right mutual fund for you.



*     Frank Garon's Christmas Story

      A Christmas poem about Frank Garon and making money



*    Do You Have What It Takes

      To accomplish anything in life takes dedication



*    Who's Got The Power In Your Life?

       Are you giving up your power in life



*    Are You David or Goliath

      Being a success in life is not necessarily doing a bunch of things



*    Are You A Wussbag?

      I used to be and here's how I overcame being a wuss



*    Can Eating Cottage Cheese Help Make You Happy & Successful?

      Tom Seaver's secret to success in life and baseball



*    Does Bob Berdar Have A Right To Be Upset?

      Putting life in the right perspective



*    Why On Earth Are We Put Here?

      Find out why you are put here on this earth



*    Are You Content In Being Mediocre?

      You can become the kind of person you want to be



*    Why Aren't You Making Any Money?

      Find out how you can make more money



*    You Mighty Man of Valor

      Someone sees you as being more than you think you are



*     It Takes Three Baby

      What is the Secret of living a life of fulfillment, completeness & satisfaction



*     A Few More Thoughts on Soulmates

       Soulmates in the now and soulmates in Heaven



*     Do You Lead a Life of Quiet Desperation?

       Soul Mates or Soul Friends...being complete with either



*     Just Ask King Edward

       Having everything in the world doesn't mean you'll be happy, just ask King Edward


*     He Looked At Life As A Gift

       A tribute to one very special 13 year old boy, Mattie Stepanik





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