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Do You Have What It Takes?
By: Dave Cole

It was a simple, rather quiet affair, no big splash, 
no thousands of guests and catered dinner. There 
wasn't a polka band or DJ spinning the top forty.

The next day there were no headlines on the front 
page of the papers, in fact only a small handful 
of people actually were aware of the event.

But on that day, December 05, 1952, a monumental
undertaking began. The odds were against this couple to
start. It was exceedingly rare that a partnership 
of this type was to last for 50 years.

It wasn't always easy. Sometimes things were hard 
going, in fact downright difficult. Money was tight 
to start with.

Obstacles came and obstacles were faced and dealt with.

But these two folks had something going for them that
made all the difference. They had a determination 
that no matter what, they were going to succeed.

They simply made up their minds to do whatever it 
took to make their marriage a success.

50 years later this couple is celebrating all those 
years of hard work and dedication. All the struggles 
they went through, now seem only a part of what has 
continually made them stronger throughout the years.

Had their relationship never been "tested" perhaps 
they would not have learned the valuable lessons 
that enabled them to be in a elite class of folks who 
reach that golden wedding anniversary.

Had they given up when things got a little rough and 
the waters became choppy, as so many choose to do now 
a days, then it would have proved the struggles to 
be bigger than they were.

But they didn't give up. That determination to see things 
through to the end, no matter what the difficulty, has 
given them the right and privelege to say without a doubt, 
they truly are a success in life.

If there's one outstanding quality my mom and dad have
taught me, by example, it is once you are determined to
do something worthwhile, never give in and never give up.

So very few couples can enjoy having a 50th wedding 

My mom and dad are an inspiration to their children, 
their community, and I hope dear reader today to you.

Because as we all know, that once we decide to do 
something worthwhile in our lives, it doesn't always 
come easy. We all face numerous road blocks and hardships 
and struggles.

There are times when it would be a whole lot easier 
to just "throw in the towel" and give up on our dreams. 
There are times when we just don't "feel" like doing 
what it takes to accomplish that next step on our journey.

But for those of us who refuse to give in, the rewards 
far outweigh the prices we have to pay.

Running a business is not much different than having 
a successful marriage. They both take hard work, 
dedication, a vision for the future and a never say die attitude.

They both take a total commitment.

I know things aren't always easy in your own business. 
But I challenge you today to learn a lesson from my 
mom and dad.

Let their success story be an inspiration to you when
things get a bit rough and you may feel like giving in.

You are bigger than the difficulties. I know you have 
that ability within you.

Thank you Bill and Dorothy Cole for being who you are
and for what you have taught me.

Your son,

Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
Copyright 2005

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From Left to Right:

Homer & Leora Haver

Dorothy Lois Haver Cole & William Henry Cole

Helga & James D. Cole


December 05, 1952


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