Who's Got The Power In Your Life?
By: Dave Cole

Have you ever attempted to do something and failed? 

I'm not talking about something outside of your 
capabilities. I doubt that any of us could run a 4 
minute mile or bench press 400 pounds. 

What I'm talking about here is trying to do something 
within your capabilities. For instance, you join up 
with an online business then diligently follow the 
instructions they give you on how to promote. 
Really give it your best shot. 

But.....seems like things just aren't going right.

You're not getting near the responses. And remember 
how the literature you read before joining said 
you could make thousands of dollars every month? 

And, oh yeah....remember how easy they said it was 
going to be? That was right after they hit you 
with all those testimonials from folks who were 
already raking it in! 

The folks who were living in huge, expensive houses 
and were now laying on some beach in the Bahamas 
with their laptops busily counting all the money 
they were making. 

What went wrong? 

Is your mind telling you things like: "I must be 
doing something wrong." or, "I guess it works for 
some people, but not for me.".....along with a 
hundred other litanies all containing expressions 
of self-doubt and thoughts that you, yourself are 
failing for whatever reason. 

Think about that for a minute. 

And the next time you go to place your ads or give 
a business presentation: Are you first confronted 
by these memories of past discouragements? 

What are these memories telling you? That perhaps 
you shouldn't have joined in the first place? 
Possibly they will be saying something like "There's 
no use in doing this, nobody will read it or 
respond to it anyway." 

So now...... Who Has The Power? 

You.....or your unpleasant memories of past failures. 

These memories have the effect of actually pulling 
us back into time and then causing us to have a 
distorted view of the present. 

We try to block out the more unpleasant ones, but 
doesn't it just seem the more we resist them the 
stronger they become. 

By giving our attention to these renegade self-defeating 
memories aren't we in reality, only amplifying and 
giving them more strength and a life they wouldn't 
ordinarily have. 

As our minds get clouded over with re-plays of past 
events these memories rob from us spontaneous creativity, 
self confidence, and further distort our perception 
of what is happening now, which only serves to 
affect our ability to perform to our capabilities. 

Is that what you really want? 

So the next time you go to do something, watch yourself 
and find out who has the power in the situation.....
you..... or your self-defeating memory patterns. 

Isn't it about time you took back the power and 
started controlling your life!. 

Simply refuse to give further animation to these 
memory patterns by re-focusing your attention on 
what is happening in the present moment rather 
than on those past memories. 

Dave Cole
Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
Copyright 2005



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