Grasshoppers or Giants

Grasshoppers Or Giants?

There is a story in the Bible, Numbers 13 & 14, where the Lord said to Moses, “Send men to explore the Land of Canaan.” This was the Promised Land the Israelites were to enter after their bondage in Egypt.

The leaders of each tribe were sent to scout the land out. When they came back, there was a glowing report on the fat of the land but that is as far as it went.

Every leader, except Caleb, told Moses that the people who dwell there were very strong, in fact, too strong for them to go up against.

They said in verse 33, “We saw the giants...and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers.”

Caleb was the only person who believed that they could go and conquer the giants and tried to convince the Israelites that they could do it.

Caleb indeed saw the giants, but he also SAW HIMSELF AS A CONQUEROR.

Everyone else saw themselves as grasshoppers. As a result of this episode, the Israelites spent 40 years in the desert before they were allowed to enter the Land of Canaan.

The leaders of the tribes looked at the adversity and problems that lay in their path and then saw the weakness that was inside of themselves.

What are you seeing today? Are you focusing your attention on the adversities that are before you and your own weaknesses or past failures and seeing yourself as a grasshopper?

Or, are you a hero like Caleb, who indeed saw the adversities, but focused his attention on his strengths and beliefs instead!

Dave Cole


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